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Welcome to Kamandalu Resort and Spa

Kamandalu Resort and Spa Kamandalu Resort & Spa is peacefully nestled between the terraced rice paddies and the lush green mountains of Ubud, Bali's famous artists village. Created to resemble an enchanting Balinese Village. Kamandalu Resort & Spa's spectacular hillside setting above the rushing Petanu River provides a blissful sense of tranquility and serenity, intimacy and bliss.The name Kamandalu represents an everlasting life and beauty. Its story awakens memories of a time long ago when the gods and demons competed for the gifts of the kamandalu holy water for its everlasting life. They extracted kamandalu or the holy water from the ocean using the mountain " Mandara Giri " to stir the deep water. To ensure the mountain did not sink, Vishnu, the God of water and the caretaker of nature, supported its base by transforming himself into a giant turtle name "Bedawang Nala" on which Mandara giri could rest. The gods and demons thus engaged in a fierce struggle which the gods lost.To retrieve the stolen holy water, the gods sent Vishnu, in the form of a beautiful woman, to distract the demons, where upon Vishnu spirited the holy water back to a safe place.Now that Kamandalu was safe, Surya, the god of the sun, and Chandra, the goddess of the Moon, distributed the precious substance amongst the gods, receiving their portion with lotus leaves. All, that is, except for "Kalarahu", who drew attention to himself by using a "keladi" black radish leaf. Surya and Chandra recognized this intruder as a demon and shouted a warning to Vishnu, who used his mighty weapon Cakra Gumilingan to cut off Kalarahu's head.That dastardly demon, however, had already been showered with Kamandalu and the sheer force of its magical powers, so it kept Kalarahu's head alive, enabling him to escape to the sky. There he awaits the day when he can seek revenge against Surya and Chandra for this violent act.According to Hindu legend that day will come when the sun surya and moon chandra eclipse on the same day. In the meantime all those who believe in the spirit and the power of Kamandalu can have eternal youth and beauty.