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Surrounded by the Adaman Sea and connected to the mainland by Sarasin Bridge, Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and lies to the south of the country. With its coves of white sandy beaches, rocky outcrops rising from the azure ocean, lush jungle and cascades of waterfalls, Phuket is understandably one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations. Its great range of landscapes and sheer size ensure a variety of outdoor activities with something to suit all tastes, from adventure activities, like bungy jumping and hiking, to more leisurely pursuits, such as golf and snorkelling. Day excursions to nearby islands extend the offering even further, with fantastic scuba diving and other water sports on offer. 
The island’s popularity has meant it is visited by a range of travellers and accommodation is suitably varied, catering to all budget levels from luxurious boutique hotels to backpackers and seaside lodges. 
When not appreciating the many outdoor pursuits so pervasive on the island, visitors can spend their free time shopping and eating out. Thai cuisine is world-famous and the island has many restaurants dedicated to its flavours, while there are also plenty of other types of food on offer, from Indian to Western-style cooking. Shopping is a full-time pursuit on Phuket, and there are establishments that cater to all budget and fashion inclinations - from street stalls and market vendors, to upmarket malls and bespoke boutiques. Save time and hassle by flying directly into Phuket International Airport.